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Thursday, 14 July 2011

vedic astrology,

According to vedic astrology, the fingers on our hands correspond to the five elements:
  • the little finger represents Earth
  • the ring finger represents Water
  • the middle finger represents Air
  • the index finger represents Ether (Akasha)
  • the thumb represents Fire
The planets ruling these fingers and elements are:
  • Mercury (earth/little finger)
  • Sun or Moon (water/ring finger)
  • Saturn (air/middle finger)
  • Jupiter (ether/index finger)
  • No specific planet rules the thumb
By wearing gems related to the planets and elements on the appropriate fingers one can amplify the powers of the elements, counter negative influences of planets and enhance their benign influences on human life and body. The process not only effectively reduces possibilities of diseases caused by the malefic influences of planets by augmenting the powers of the elements, it also helps in the curing process.

The chart given below shows the gems that correspond to the planets:
Sun Ruby
Moon Pearl
Mars Red Coral
Mercury Emerald
Jupiter Yellow Sapphire
Venus Diamond
Saturn Blue Sapphire
North Lunar Node
South Lunar Node
Cat's Eye

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