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Thursday, 14 July 2011


Place the compass at the center of the house, office or business premises and align the north point of needle to the red marking.
Now you mark the quadrants or the cardinal points, namely, -North, -South, -East, and -West. This done, you can note the cardinal division of rooms and directions of the premises.
The four sectors would then be-Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest.
The best direction for the entrance of the premises is northeast. This is, because northeast is considered to be the direction of BRAHMA, the God.
Astrologically, northeast is the direction of the greatest benefic planet Jupiter. Therefore this is the direction of wealth and prosperity. All positive currents flow from this direction. There should always be an opening here. No heavy weights electrical appliances or machinery should be kept in this quadrant. Keep it generally open and airy. It's a good idea to have some water here. An aquarium, a tank, or a pool of water would be ideal here. This area is to be kept spacey.
Northwest is the direction of KUBER, lord of wealth. This is the quadrant where the money, jewelry, wealth etc. should be kept. Your financial position will become better if you keep your money in the northwest sector. This is the second best direction for the entrance of your house, or premises.
Southeast is the direction of AGNI, or fire. Your kitchen should be in this quadrant. By cooking your food in this sector, your digestive system would be good. People in the house would be healthy. There would be harmony in the house. This is also the best area for keeping electrical appliances, machineries, electric boards etc. This is the quadrant of heat and electricity.
Southwest is the direction of YAMA , the God of death. This is the area of all the negative energies. The area of
waste, death, losses, impediments, grief, etc. Astrologically, southwest is the direction of the great dark negative Planet – Rahu (North node) thus this sector is always generally bad. There should be no openings in this direction.
This sector should be blocked with cupboards racks, and such other heavy weights. The toilets are best in this direction. You can also have storerooms or dumping place in this direction. You should never pray in this quadrant, or facing the southwest. Prayers should always be done facing east or northeast. Also the quadrant for your altar should be northeast. This is where the spiritual energies prevail. South west is considered to be inauspicious for prayers.
There are many other points in Vaastu Shastra, like the north east quadrant should have a lower ground slope, and the southwest should be higher. And that your overhead water tanks should be on the southwest quadrant of your house or building. But practically, we may not be able to adhere to all the Vaastu requirements. Most of us live in houses or apartments, which are predesigned, and with little or no scope for alterations. But whenever you have the opportunity, choose your premises as per Vaastu, to get maximum beneficial results. More and more people are becoming aware of this science. In the western countries, it is popularly known as Feng Shui , which really is the Chinese version of Vaastu Sastra.
If you are faced with a southwest entrance house, then fix a mirror of about 2 feet x 3 feet at your entrance on the inner side. This is one way to reflect back all the negative energies coming in. Within your house, keep a pitcher of water or an aquarium in the northeast. Keep your money in the northwest quadrant of your house. Never have your kitchen in the northeast. This is because northeast is the quadrant of the peace and happiness, the calm, the spiritual being. Burning a fire here would mean destroying all these elements. That's why water is best here, to keep these positive energies flowing.
Keep the doors and windows in the northeast sector open as much as possible. Keep all doors and openings in the southwest quadrant closed as much as possible. If the only opening is in the southwest, then apart from the mirror, keep Rudraksha beads in the house. Keep a Rahu Yantra at the front wall of the entrance of your house. Light incense everyday in the house and pray.
These procedures and remedies will minimize the negative vibrations of the house, thereby bringing some peace and harmony in the otherwise disturbed life.

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