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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Suffering lossesTry this

Source: Jeevan Mantra Desk 

Profits and losses are all part of life. But some people suffer heavy losses throughout their life. All their hard work and planning goes in vain.
Here are some tips that can help you get rid off those losses and earn profit.

1. Every Sunday before going to sleep, take water in a jug and add milk to it. Keep this jug covered near your pillow. Make sure that this water does not spill. In the morning, after taking a bath go to a jungle and offer this to a 'kikar' tree. If you don't have a jungle around, you can offer this water and milk mixture anywhere, but make sure that no one sees you doing it or questions you.
2. Take tantrik bath everyday. Take water in a tub ot bucket. Make a triangle (tribuj) and write Hrim beej mantra (ह्रीं) over the water with your ring finger. If you are taking a bath in a river or pond then write Om on the water and take a dip quickly.  

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