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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Simple Remedies of Pitru Dosha

Simple Remedies of Pitru Dosha

1. Every Saturday, make rice balls by mixing cooked rice and ghee. Feed these rice balls to crows and fish.
2. Unconditional services to parents, old-age needy persons, sweeper and poor people are recommended. The person should try not to get angry in this life and try not to engage in any kind of quarrels in his lifetime.
3. Worshipping Lord Vishnu, especially the form of Sri Ram, is also advised for Pitru Dosh Nivaran.
4.Perform Kanya Daan ( perform the marriage of a girl ), if possible for a Brahmin Kanya(Or any Poor family)
5.Perform Rudrabhishek ( Rudra Abhishek ) in the name of the KUL or ancestors.
6. On any somwati amavaasya (when there is amaavasyaa and also monday) go to peepal tree,offer one janeu to tree and one to Lord Vishnu.Pray to tree and Lord Vishnu.Then do 108 Parikrama of tree,with each Parikrama offer a sweet to tree.While doing Parikrama continuously chant the mantra " OM NAMO BHAGAWATE VAASUDEWAAYA".After doing parikrama again pray to peepal tree and Lord Vishnu and seek forgiveness.

Rituals for Remedy Of Pitru Dosha

There are some rituals to be performed to ward off the evil effects of these yoghs.

One of them is Narayan Nagbali Pooja. This pooja gives relief to a great extent. This pooja is performed at a few prescribed Indian locations such as: (1) Trambakeshwar in Nashik, (2) Chandod near Vadodara in Gujarat, (3) Kala Hasti in Tamil Nadu and at (4) Haridwar.

It is very important to note that these poojas have to be performed at the places mentioned. Trambakeshwar has the pride of place as mentioned in our Puranas. The priests available at Tranbakeshwar are highly organized and perform the pooja very nicely. The Pooja lasts for 3 days.

If you are from North India, you may go to Haridwar on Amavasya day for Pitra Tarpan Ritual.

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