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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Signs of Discovering Wicked Planets

Signs of Discovering Wicked Planets
The parts of the body feel stiff, there is difficulty in movement, the person feels that saliva is always in his mouth, a red cow or brown buffalo might be lost from the house. All these symptoms indicate that the Sun is not favourable.
Eat anything sweet and sip some water before starting any work.
The sense of feeling is destroyed, wells and ponds are dried up, water is not sucked through hand pump, cattle or domestic animals like horse may die. These are the symptoms which reflects evil effect of Moon.
Touch the feet of elders and seek their blessings.
The person may not be getting children inspite of being capable. If they are born, they pass away soon after birth. There is deficiency of blood and the person becomes short tempered; there are often quarrels. All these are signs of wicked Mars.
Apply white surma  in eyes.
The person might break his teeth, he may loose the ability  to smell. He may be incapable of performing sex.
The teeth must be kept clean and get the nose pierced to get rid off the ill effect of Mercury.
Skin disease and night fall are the symptoms of a malign Jupiter. The thumb of the hand becomes weak and inactive. Remedy
Wear neat and clean clothes. Saturn
Eyebrows and eyelashes start falling, buffaloes may die, there may be fire or the house may be destroyed or ruined due to the wrath of Saturn.
Donate iron. Brush teeth with Keekar Daton. Offer chapati to crow for 43 days.
Black dog may die, the nails of hands might start falling, the natal may not be able to think coherently. All these suggest that the person is under the evil influence of Rahu.
Maintain a plait on the nape of the head. Live in a joint family and establish good relations with in laws.
Nails of leg may start falling. Children may be ill. The person might suffer from urinary problem or pain in joints. Symptoms reflect that Ketu is unfavourable.
Keep dogs. Get ears pierced.

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