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Friday, 15 July 2011


If the fate line is distortedin one's palm,the wealth line does not exist and if he always suffers from poverty,such a native should wear a benefic ring,as is suggested in the Sharda-Tilak,in Tantra discipline :

Taarataamra subarnaarka shhorha shankheyndubhih
Pushyarkey ghatikaa mudri rheen daaridraya nashini.

That means,copper weighing sixteen ratti(one ratti is equivalent to 2+1/4 grains,and 1 grain = 0.065 gram), silver 12 ratti,gold 10 ratti-all three mixed in a ring should be made at the auspicious moment of the pushya constellation and worn after purified in mantra would slowly remove any kind of poverty from life,all loans would be repaid.It is tried and tested.In the terminology of religion such a ring is called Pavitri.

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