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Monday, 4 July 2011

Remedy For Powerful Planets

Remedy For Powerful Planets
There are some planets which remain powerless and are incapable of giving their effect. There are certain ways to strengthen such planets. The planets which are expected to give favourable effects are given some power by the following means:
(1) The sinful planets are tried to be pleased by keeping objects and animals related to that planet. It is always wise to seek the blessings of elders.
(ii) In order to support Venus, one is advised to keep aside three morsels of food from the plate for cow, crow and dog; it helps in strengthening wealth and prosperity.
(iii) It is advisable to feed chapati to dogs to support Ketu. This also helps in begetting a son.
To make Powerless Planets become Fruitful
(1) Mars: It is advisable to keep deerskin in the house. Roast sweet chapati in tandoor and distribute.
(2) Mercury, Venus, Saturn: Keep aside 3 morsels of food from the plate to be offered to cow, dog, and crow.
(3) Rahu: Wash barley with milk and keep it tied in a red cloth. Keep it safely in your house. Donate radish. Drop coal in flowing water.
(4) If the natal is suffering from tuberculosis, he may wash barley in cow's urine, tie in a red cloth and keep carefully in the house.

Remedy  for Powerful Planets  203
(5) If son and daughter both are inauspicious for father, he should tie a piece of copper around his daughter's neck.
(6) If Mars is seated in the first, the third or the eighth house and gives evil effect, Mercury should be appeased.
(7) Rahu: Offer sweet chapati baked in tandoor to dogs.
Special Offering
Take a round ball of Khoya. Cut it from top and scoop it out from centre. Fill it with ghee, jaggery (khand). Dig a hole in a deserted place where the worms and ants might eat it. Place the ball in the hole and leave its mouth open so that it is easier for the worms to feast on it. This is a special offering in general to please planets.
Favourable Days
Avoid taking up new job on 4, 9, and 14th day of the Hindu calendar. These days are prohibited for any auspicious work.
There are unexpected changes in the political field when Jupiter, Saturn and Mars confront each other in adverse situation.
Zodiac (Rashi)
There are 12 zodiac signs in Astrology. Each house and planet is associated with some zodiac. It has been duly given in the table below:
No. Zodiac House*   Planet
1  Aries (Mesh) First  Mars
2  Taurus (Vrishabh) Second  Venus
3  Gemini (Mithun) Third  Mercury
4  Cancer (Karba) Fourth  Moon
5  Leo (Singh) Fifth  Sun
6  Virgo (Kanya) Sixth Mercury
7 Libra (Tula) Seventh Venus
8 Scorpio (Vrishchika,) Eighth Mars
9 Sagittarius (Dhanu) Ninth Jupiter
10 Capricorn (Makar) Tenth  Saturn
11 Aquarius (Kumbha) Eleventh  Saturn
12 Pisces (Meen) Twelfth Jupiter

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