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Friday, 1 July 2011

Remedies to strengthen/balance Mars

  • Worship Lord Hanuman or Lord Karthikeyan.
  • Drink lots of water..
  • Indulge in sports & physical activities like exercising etc.
  • Walk on green grass.
  • Don't sleep during day time.
  • Avoid eating spicy food. (Avoid red chilly esp.)
  • Do not indulge in smoking.
  • Do not eat red meat (which shows blood).
  • Develop good relationships with siblings, specially brothers.
  • Don't walk barefoot.
  • Donate red bricks to labourers.
  • Donate "gur" (jaggery) to poor children on Tuesdays.
  • Treat respectfully the people of worker class/subordinates etc.
  • In the morning after waking up, put some mud on your forehead.
  • Read the Vishnu Puran sitting on the ground, but not touching it.
  • Donate land!
  • Donate land for temples or charity institutions.
  • Refrain from urinating etc. on bare ground.
  • Eat food items which increase/clean blood in our bloodstream.

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