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Monday, 4 July 2011

Remedies for Malefic and Inauspicious Planets

Remedies for Malefic and Inauspicious Planets
Planet Malafic Symptoms Remedies
Sun Loss of Power of Moving the limbs of the body, numbness of limbs, continuous flowing of froth from mouth. Take a little 'Mishri' or sugar and then take a few sips of water before doing auspicious work.
Moon Drying up of wells & water fountains, death of milk yielding animal, loss of feeling and sensation Seek the blessings of elders.
Jupiter instant and automatic falling of hair at the top of head, loss of gold, habituated to wearing beads around the neck, loss of requtation through rumours Put yellow dot on forehead, start work after blowing out the nose, ware gold chain or yellow theard around the neck
Mars Loss of child after his birth, loss of one eye, impurities in blood.  
Mercury Destruction and loss of teeth, insensitive to foul and good smell, loss of virility. Pierce the nose; keep teeth clean;
Venus Skin disease. Take care of your clothes and personal things.
Saturn Loss and destruction of house, death of buffaloes, incidence of fire, falling of haire around eyes. Donate oil and black pulse or black cloths in temples

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