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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Remedies for all nine Planets:

Remedies for all nine Planets:

1. Reading the Navagraha Stuti everyday minimizes the negative effects and enhances the positive effects of all nine Planets.

The Navagraha Stuti:

Aum Bhramhaa Muraarii Triipurantkaarii Bhaanuh Sashi Bhoomistoo Bhuhdhascha Guruscha Shukrah Sani Raahu Ketavah Sarve Graha Shanti karaa Bhavantuu

Meaning: Aum may (Bhramhaa) the creator, (Vishnu) the sustainer, (Shiva) the destroyer along with the planets, (Bhanu) Sun, (Sashi) Moon, (Bhumistoo) child of earth- the Mars, (Bhuhdha) Mercury, (Guru) Jupiter, (Sukra) Venus, (Shani) Saturn, Rahu and Ketu bring peace in our life.

2. Chanting “Aum Namah Shivay” 108 times with slow breaths or playing this mantra for some time at house or work place on a Chant-on or CD will also help.

3. Wearing an energized and sanctified 15 Mukhi Rudraksh or a set of energized and sanctified 1 Mukhi to 9 Mukhi Rudraksh also helps.

4. Wearing a Navagraha Mala (a necklace having 9 stones representing 9 Planets) or Navagraha Bracelet / Armlet / Pendent also helps.
Please note that wearing Navagraha ring is not considered safe as different fingers are for different planets and wearing all the stones in one finger will make the energies to clash.

5. Reading the Navgrah Stotra once every day keeping the meaning in the mind (Navgrah Stotra in English with Romanization given in this book).

6. Offering Navagraha Puja in a temple which has Navagraha and after the Puja taking nine rounds (Parikrama) around the Navagraha. The rounds that you take must be seven clockwise for Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn respectively and the two anti-clock wise for Rahu and Ketu.

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