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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Planetary and Ritual Use of Metals

Many metals have a long history of use in magic. One of the most common uses is the engraving of planetary talismans and other sorts of talismans on circles or squares of the metal that corresponds to the intent. This will be a rather short section, containing the planetary correspondences for metals and some of their traditional magical uses. Most of the metals are those that have been around for a long time rather than modern discoveries, and most are readily available except for mercury which is very poisonous and in any case is liquid at room temperature which makes it quite difficult to engrave anything on it. Substitute aluminum for mercury.

Planetary Correspondences and Ritual Use of Metals

Metal/Image Planet/
Uses Source Material
Aluminum Mercury
There is no long history of using aluminum in magic, it is a relatively modern metal. It is used as a substitute for the poisonous mercury for talismans to the planet mercury. Carried for mental abilities, and used in travel spells.

Bauxite, Aluminum Ore

Brass Sun
Brass is an alloy produced from copper and zinc. Used as a low cost substitute for gold. Money attracting, protective.

Zinc Metal Native Copper

Copper Venus
Used for healing, to attract love, to maintain health, to draw luck, to draw prosperity. Aligns energies and adds energy to spells.
Native Copper

Gold Sun
Adds energy to ritual, gives courage, confidence and will power. Protective, used in defensive magic, promotes wisdom, money attracting, used for success.
Native Gold
Iron Mars
Protective, worn for physical strength, good for athletes. Used for grounding, shutting off psychic centers when under psychic attack.

Native Iron

Lead Saturn
Guards against negativity, protective, used in defensive magic. Used for increasing psychic ability, divination and grounding.


Mercury Mercury
Luck, used formerly as a scrying mirror and for protective charms. Do not use, it is poisonous to touch, breathe the fumes, ingest.
Native Mercury

Brings about balance, calm and helps bring a tumultous life under control. Improves the memory, attitude and outlook on life.

Love attracting, aids psychic development, produces prophetic dreams, calming, guards travelers, money attracting, protective. Healing, aids communication, lessens anxiety, assists with problem solving. Goddess magic, magical focus.

Native Silver
Steel Mars
Steel is produced from iron by adding carbon. Protective, guards against negativity, prevents nightmares.

Iron Carbon
Tin Jupiter
Luck, attracts prosperity, business success, divination..

Casserite, Tin Ore

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