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Friday, 1 July 2011

Natural remedies to make Sun Strong

If Sun is under the malefic influence of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu , then we'll have to face a lot of problems concerned with a weak or malefic Sun. Some of the symptoms of a bad sun include:
1) Problems related to Eyes 
2) Problems related to Bones
3) Lack of Confidence
4) Disrespect from seniors (bosses or high profile people)
5) Bad relations with father or health problems to father.
6) Notoriety
7) Acidity problems and Constipation
8)Unable to find any success in spiritual growth.

Sun affect the most. For example, somebody might face a lot of problems in family like, bad relations with father while on the other hand, the same person may enjoy a lot of respect in his work environment or vice versa. 
Ok. So, if you relate to any of the above mentioned problems caused by a malefic Sun, then we advise you to perform some simple remedies to improve the condition of Sun. These remedies should in fact, be performed by everyone, because, we feel that, to find someone with an   100% unblemished Sun is a rarity. Add to it, another fact that like, Moon and Jupiter, Sun also belongs to the group of planets, that MUST be strong in your horoscope to make sure that all the promising yogas (planetary combinations in a vedic chart) give their 100% results. Here are some very easy and life-altering remedies for you. All the best!

a) Get up early in the morning (at the time of Sunrise) and offer water to the Sun. This is a proven scientific remedy as the rays of the Sun are very positive during that time and tremendously help in the production of Vitamin D in the body. Stand straight and raise your arms till the shoulder level to offer water to the Sun. If possible, try that the water that goes down enters in a tulsi plant. 
b)Traatak with Sun. 
At the time of Sunrise, stand infront of Sun and look at it for a few seconds and smile. Then close your eyes for a few seconds and keep smiling. Then open your eyes again and repeat the same process. Keep doing this process for about 10-15 minutes. It's ok if you can't have a bath early in the morning. Just do your basic morning ablutions and start doing this procedure. Having a bath is obviously, very important as it helps feeling positive and helps us get rid of laziness, but if for some reason, you can't, don't worry... :)
c) Religious remedy: Recite Gayatri mantra or "Om aadityaya namah" or "Om suryaya namah" 3,11,21,51 or 108 times in the morning looking at the sun. You can sit in a Padmasan or vajra-aasan to do this. Remembering your Ishta Devata during this time of the day can also help you improve your life and fulfill your wishes. 
d) Gather some branches of "Bel" Tree and holding them in your hand, do any Surya mantra. Gayatri Mantra is the best to gain confidence and power to face and gain respect from people of high authority. "Om Aadityaya Namah" is best to win over an enemy who is trying to cause harm to your image. (Remember, for this remedy to work, you must make sure that you're the one who is completely innocent and somebody is trying to harm you for his or her negative selfish motives). 
e) Wearing a small piece of the root of "Bael" (Bilwa or Bel Patra) tree in white thread in your neck, can help you get rid of health problems associated with the malefic position of Sun in your horoscope. 
f) Serving and respecting your own FATHER or any other father-figure, is the most Natural and one of the BEST remedies to overcome the adverse effects of Sun in your life. 
Remember, have patience and do the Mantra based remedies regularly for atleast 42  days, to see prominent positive effects. It's best not to think about the results and include the above mentioned remedies as part of your daily routine and lifestyle. For serious problems, please consult a well qualified astrologer to help you give the most effective remedies. 

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