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Friday, 1 July 2011


Natural remedies to make Moon strong in your Vedic Horoscope!

While, for most of us, life is nothing but a series of unsolved mysteries and endless pain. If your life has become dull for any reason, and it's been ages for you to have experienced any mental satisfaction or bliss, then you must do the following to improve the condition of MOON in your horoscope.
a) Drink lots of water.
Moon is a watery planet according to Jyotish or Vedic Astrology. It represents our emotions, attitude towards life, relationship with the mother or condition/nature of mother, application of thoughts and ideas, presentation skills and ability to enjoy things. In order to improve Moon, we must increase the intake of 'water' in our routine. Ironically, the people with a bad moon, find it extremely difficult to drink lots of water. BUT, since we are on a mission to IMPROVE our FATE and MOON is one of the most IMPORTANT planets that contributes towards healthy, prosperous and "lucky" life, we must resolve to drink lots of water!!! So, drink water and get a step closer towards a bright future.... :)
b) Increase the intake of Calcium.
The white and watery moon can cause a lot of mental and emotional problems that go a long way in weakening our body. Remember-MIND and BODY are inter-related! If your mind is unhealthy then you're bound to have lots of physical problems sooner or later. Headaches, migraines, palpitations, pain in the neck, body and joints are some of the most common ailments that a bad moon causes. It causes deficiency of calcium. So, you must increase the intake of those calcium rich food items in your diet. And the EASIEST option is MILK. Please drink a cup of milk preferably with, green cardamoms (hari ilaaychi) everyday. If you're an Insomnia patient, then drink this milk half an hour before going to sleep.
c) Wear Silver Ornaments
A superb remedy to build your willpower, keep your mind peaceful and strong- wear silver jewellery!!! You can wear a Kara (bracelet) in your right hand. Another option is a thumb ring (jointless) or silver chain with a small silver ball. Whatever, you wear, just try that it is completely jointless and also, touches the skin of your body.
d) Drink water in a silver glass
If possible, you should drink water in a silver glass. It will help you keep cool and in control of your emotions.
e) Donate milk, sugar, rice to the needy preferably, on Mondays.
f) Spiritual Remedy- Do meditation and Pranayama on regular basis. "Anulom Vilom" pranayam is considered one of the best remedies to improve mind and soul, and get rid of problems like, insomnia, depression, stress and anxiety. You can also simply recite- Om for 10 minutes. Do this daily either in the morning sandhi - with in an hour of sunrise (union of day and night) or evening sandhi - within in an hour of sunset.
g) Religious Remedy- According to Hinduism, "Shiva" is considered to be the Devata (Godhead) associated with the planet MOON. Reciting "Om namah shivaya" or any other mantra related to Lord Shiva and Shakti (Goddess Parvati-the consort of Lord Shiva) 108 times a day (it takes only about 5-10 mins to do this) is known to bring wonderful results. You can start feeling a change within you in just a matter of a few days doing this remedy. You can also, read "shiva chalisa" if you're unable to recite mantras. Prayer to Lord Shiva with full devotion, faith and love, is also considered enough to improve your mind, MOON and thus, your DESTINY!
f) The MOST IMPORTANT remedy for MOON- keep GOOD relations with your MOTHER. Respect her and server her to the best of your abilities. Try to include her in every important decision of your life.  Nothing else will help you more than this. If you don't have a mother, then respect any Motherly figure around you. Generally, people with bad moon are unable to keep good relations with their mothers coz of non-understanding nature of their mother. Well, whatever be the circumstances, no matter how much your mom insults you, rebukes you or does bad to you, you must respect her if you want to improve your future.
Remember, SUN and MOON are those two planets which according to Jyotish, make or mar your fortune. So, it is very important to keep these two planets very strong otherwise, no Rajyoga will give its 100% results ever.
Anyways, hope the above mentioned remedies, (if done correctly by you) bring lots of happiness, good mental and physical health, fortune and prosperity in your life. Please always, remember that nothing works overnight. Have patience and full faith in the Almighty and your life will surely improve!!! 

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