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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Monday special: Get rid of ‘grahdosh’

Source: Jeevan Mantra Desk

Unfavourable position of planets in your horoscope may create problems in your life

 Astrology has solutions to all the grahdosh's (unfavourable position of planets)
Here are some tips that can help you get rid of problems related to unfavourable position of moon and other problems in life
The following things should be done on Monday:

- Offer water to the shivling and chant the following mantra:
'Om namah shivay'

- Offer milk to Lord Shiva after water. After that offer bilavpatra, rice, kumkum and flowers.  
- Worship Lord Shiva every Monday.
- Donate white clothes to a needy person or a brahman.
- Donate sugar, rice and milk at a temple.
- Donate kheer to young girls.
- Offer milk to a river, pond or well. 
- Conduct special puja to appease moon.
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