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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Libra Horoscopes

The glyph represents the scales pointing to the importance of balance and harmony. Here we have themes of equality, beautifying, alternatives/choices, dualities, comparison, compromises, the legal system, love, appearances, aesthetics. Libra is cooperative, diplomatic, fence-setting, competitive, charming, easily deterred, refined, sociable, placating, coequal.
Ruling planet: Venus
Triplicity or elements: Air
Color: Shades of Blue from Pole to Ultramarine, Pink, Pale green
Gemstone: Sapphire, Jade
Metal: Copper, Perhaps Bronze
Precious stone: Opal
Flowers: The rose
Trees: Copper, Perhaps Bronze
Herb and spices: Mint, Cayenne
Animals: Lizard, small Reptiles
Food stuff: Tomato, Pear, Asparagus, Beans
Positive Qualities: Diplomatic and urbane, Romantic and charming, Easygoing and sociable, Idealistic and peaceable
Negaitive Qualities: Indecisive and changeable, Gullible and easily influenced, Flirtatious and self-indulgent.

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