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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Leo Horoscopes

Leo Horoscopes
The glyph above represents the lion. Leo rules procreation and creativity. Here we have approval, dignity, recognition, applause, romance, dynamism, magnetism, pride/shame, limelight, extroversion, impact, larger-than-life themes and stage presence. Leo is creative, risk-taking, charismatic, fun-loving, generous, exciting, dramatic, proud, self-confident, childish, ambitious, arrogant, self-conscious (fears ridicule), enthusiastic.
Ruling planet: The Sun
Triplicity or elements: Fire
Color: The colors of the sun from dawn to dusk
Gemstone: Ruby
Metal: Gold
Precious stone: Ruby
Flowers: Sunflowers
Trees: Palm, Bay, Orange and Lemon, Lawer
Herb and spices: Saffron, Peppermint, Rosemary
Animals: Big game, especially The Cats
Food stuff: Rice, Honey, Vines and Crops in general
Positive Qualities: Generous and warmhearted, Creative and enthusiastic, Broad-minded and expansive, Faithful and loving
Negaitive Qualities: Pompous and patronizing, Bossy and interfering, Dogmatic and intolerant.

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