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Tuesday, 5 July 2011



Sun : Put Jaggery(Gud) in flowing water.

Moon : Keep some water or milk near the head while sleeping in night and put the same water next morning in Acacia (Kikar) tree.

Benefic KUJA : Donate sweets or sweet food or put Batashay in flowing water
Malefic KUJA : Put some Areorie (Rayvdi) in flowing water.

BUDHA : Take a piece of copper with a hole. Put it in flowing water.

GURU : Apply saffron at naval region or tongue. Consume Saffron.

Venus : Donate Cow or offer green chari Jwaar to Cow (other than white).

Saturn : Donate oil after looking your shadow in it.

Rahu : Donate radish or put raw (Kaccha) coal in flowing water.
Ketu : Offer food to dogs.

Do Lal Kitab remedies for continuous 40 to 43 days. For the benefit of all blood relatives, perform remedies for 40 - 43 weeks on weekly basis. For example, if you perform the remedy on Sunday; do it every Sunday for 40 - 43 weeks without break. In any exceptional case when you are not able to perform remedy on a particular day, take little rice washed with milk and keep it with you. By doing this activity, good effects of previous remedy will not go waste. You will start feeling the effect of remedy after 10th day or 10th week day. If you experience any negative results, immediately discontinue the remedy and take expert advice.

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