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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Jaimini Aspects and Lal Kitaab

Jaimini Aspects and Lal Kitaab

I produce a Table below which is based on "Abhi Pashanti Rikchani Parswameva Cha" of Jaimini Sutras. The first column is aspecting Sign and then three other columns give which all signs are aspected. It also applies that this aspecting sign will also be aspected by at least the two aspected signs.
In Lal Kitab, sign is house and house is sign. What ever may be your Lagna, it will be first House and it will always exhibit characterstics of Aries (Mesh). The planets located therein will always be as if in the domain of Sun and Mars.
Aspects in Lal Kitaab are given differently but when one comes to the actual influence of planets this Jaimini Table is used.
 Sign / House - Aspected Sign/House
1                      05        08        11
2                      04        07        10
3                      06        09        12
4                      08        11        02
5                      07        10        01
6                      09        12        03
7                      11        02        05
8                      10        01        04
9                      12        03        06
10                    02        05        08
11                    01        04        07
12                    03        06        09

1. First House has eyes in eight and legs in 11th.
2. Second house if unoccupied, then 10th is as good as sleeping.
3. Third House is always helped by 12th house.
4. 11th house accumulates money and fills in the third house.
5. If inimical planets are located in 5th and 10th, there is danger to progeny.
6. Besides 6th - 12th connection it is firmly connected to 3rd house which the final root out.
7. If there is life saving planet in the third, it influences 6th, 9th, and 12th and outgoing houses are blocked ( Maut tali Hi Ginate Hain).
8. The deceptive planet (Dhoke Ka Graha) in 10th depends on the state of eighth house.
9. The extra money which one has depends on 7th house.
10. 11th house also controls increase or decrease of Rogas.
11. See how 12th house is connected to "Bahirgaman", confinement as also spirituality.
 Lal Kitaab is replete with such examples where the book is actually using Jaimini Rasi Drishti to come upon a final picture of a house. Lal Kitaab though has carried out some modifications. Under Jaimini Scheme only Dwisvabhava Rasies aspect each other. But Lal kitaab has given that status to angular House (Band Muthi Ke khane) but not fully.
Typically, in Lal Kitaab, the aspects are of houses. The aspects as given like first house aspecting 7th but seventh not aspecting First house is meant for pairing up planets. Similarly for all house aspects are given but only up to the eight house based on the principles of Visible and non visible halves. That is for activation of later houses and Planets and vice versa. It means the planets in 3rd House can be paired up with a planet in 9th and 11th house. But results of third House is not confined to 9th and 11th. The result for third will depend on conditions of and planets in 6th , 9th and 12th house.
Even the Parasharies follow this significance without explaining why and without accepting that they themselves also following a Jaimini system for attaching significance to houses many a time.

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