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Monday, 11 July 2011

Instant Astro Remedies

Instant Astro Remedies

Here we are giving small but very effective astro related experienced remedies.
Astrology says Remedies are very useful in the time of problems. Perfect astrologer gives you right advice to remove your problems. Some times instant remedies effect immediately but sometimes it takes time, because of your luck & working.

Here we are giving some powerful instant remedies to remove your problems.

A} Problem - Habit of taking alcohol?

1) Keep a glassful of water near the head side of your bed at night & pour in into the roots of nay plant/tree in the morning.
2) Wear a Pure silver chain around the neck.
3) Wear bracelet of jasper in right hand wrist.

B} Problem - Not getting married?

1) Pour a cupful of unboiled milk, sweetened with sugar, onto the roots of a Jamun tree.
2) 07 pcs of Haldi throw your back side on 06 Thursday into water & 09 pcs of haldi on 07th Thursday.
3) Wear 13 face or 03 pcs of 03-face rudraksha in neck.

C} Problem - Health problems?

1) Drink water in silver tumbler.
2) Tie a red thread around the right hand wrist.
3) Wear Yashab stone in neck.

D} Problem - Unhappy professionally?

1) Donate mushroom, filled in an earthen pot, in any religious place.
2) Clean your teeth with Alum everyday.
3) Put an amethyst pyramid in a pocket/bag.

E} Problem - Legal problems?

1) Always keep 04 small solid balls of silver & 01 sphartic ball with you, wrapped in white cloth.
2)Donate tea leaves ,or tobacco items to sweepers.
3) Wear 14-face rudraksha in neck.

Use all these remedies in your life & taking better results, but remember these remedies are for the use of specific individual only.

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