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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Herbs and Colours

Even herbs have been found to increase the benevolent energies of planets.
  • Black pepper, ginger, clove etc are good for Sun. They are primarily stimulants and increase digestion, promote circulation etc.
  • Cool, sweet and salty herbs like sandalwood, Shatavari etc are good for the Moon. Such herbs are mainly demulcent and emollient and are a tonic for the lungs.
  • Warm, pungent and stimulant herbs like garlic, asafoetidas etc are recommended for Mars.
  • Mild and harmonising herbs like bhringaraj, jatamansi etc effectively increase the energies of Mercury. Such herbs work a miracle on the human nerves and mind, helping to maintain a perfect balance of all the cosmic life forces.
  • Olive oil, sesame oil and ashwagandha are recommended for Jupiter.
  • Lotus, rose and saffron work miracle on Venus. Such herbs work on our hearts, kidneys and human reproductive system, especially the female.
Colours too have miraculous healing properties and powers to neutralise the malevolent influences of planets on human health and mind. Colours can be used in the same way as gems, as colours too correspond to specific planets. Given below are some of the colours and their corresponding planets:
[Vedic colours vary from Western colours]
Sun Red
Moon White
Mars Dark Red
Mercury Green
Jupiter Yellow, Gold
Venus Transparent, Variegated
Saturn Dark blue, Black
Rahu Ultraviolet
Ketu Infrared
Effective colour therapy entails bathing the human body in the light of the particular colour specifically required. A person can receive more exposure to that particular colour through clothes, flowers, environment etc.
Ayurveda is intimately bound up with Astrology and with the planetary rulerships of herbs, gems, and other natural items. The skillful use of the correct remedy, as determined by its planetary rulership, can neutralise the effects of malefic planets on our health and general well-being.

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