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Friday, 15 July 2011

healing herbs/salts

Aries - Aries is known as the ruler of the head, upper parts of the brain, sinuses, gums, and eyes. Mars rules Aries and is associated with high fever and blood impurities. Fiery herbs are for Aries and these include honeysuckle, garlic, blessed thistle, cayenne, gentian, nettle, and hops.
People born under this sign are intelligent but also excitable, with a tendency towards a fiery temperament. Kali Phos helps keep them calm and collected. Aries-born people fit very comfortably into top positions in their working environments. 
Taurus - Taurus rules the neck, throat, palate, larynx, tonsils, lower jaw, vocal cords, lower brain, vertebrae in the neck, and jugular vein. Herbs for Taurus include sage, bearberry, goldenrod, coltsfoot, plantain, and thyme.
Taurus is a sign that has produced many doctors and healers.  Nat Sulph helps keep these people in the best of health
 with great endurance. Taurus-born people have a strong will, a great presence and a thick bull-like neck. They work hard and Nat Sulph makes sure this does not put a strain on their liver.
Gemini - Gemini rules your hands, shoulders, lungs, thymus gland, and arms. Herbs for Gemini are lavender, skullcap, flax seed, and parsley.
Mercurial is the word to describe most people born under the sign of Gemini. Quick-witted and gregarious, they are usually the life and soul of the party but they are also prone to restlessness and distraction.  Kali Mur helps them remain focused and keeps away their tendency to get respiratory illnesses.
Moon Child (Cancer) - Cancer rules the stomach, upper lobes of the liver, breasts and mammary glands, pancreas, and esophagus. Herbs to help with the related gastrointestinal problems often associated with Cancer are chickweed and honeysuckle.
Cancer people are usually attractive and talented but tend to be weak. They could suffer from glandular hardening as well as coughs.  Calc Fluor keeps them (bones and teeth too) strong and their skin and lungs healthy. They usually have strong, great looking teeth and flash their smile when they are with close friends.
Leo - The dorsal spine, spinal cord, heart, and aorta are ruled by the lion.  Walnut, calendula, eyebright, and St. John' s Wort have been attributed to Leo since ancient times.
Leos have a magnetic personality and are leaders. Some may prefer staying in the background but they make sure their presence is felt. If they are given their due respect, they purr but they can be very sullen if ignored. They can be lazy, so Mag Phos is great to get them up and going, leaving their ego behind.
Virgo - Virgo rules all the lower lobes of the liver, spleen, large and small intestine, and abdominal region. It is interesting to consider that statistics show about 75 percent of the corporate world suffer with constipation. Maybe it’s the perfectionist in Virgo that keeps this segment of the population uptight. Herbs for Virgo include endive, fennel, licorice root, and skullcap.
Virgo folk like to keep to themselves and are usually shy. They are very intelligent, rarely get into a fight but hold onto their opinions. You’ll find that because of their non-interfering nature, they are welcome everywhere. However, they are prone to depression and melancholy; Kali Sulph is their great help.
Libra - Libra rules the skin, small of the back, and the kidneys. Libra likes cleansing and toning herbs like angelica, thyme, burdock, and bearberry (uva-ursi).
The balanced sign, Libra is good looking, intelligent, just, even-tempered and is respected by all. However, they usually suffer from a problem with pH balance.  Nat Phos maintains this balance in the body so they don’t suffer acid reflux or biliousness.
Scorpio - The scorpion rules the prostate, urethra, rectum, bladder, reproductive organs, and bones in the nasal region. Good herbs for this sign include horseradish, horehound, leek, and sarsaparilla.
Dignified but rather heavily built, Scorpio people are usually very shrewd and very unforgiving. They tend to suffer from skin ailments and Calc Sulph comes to their rescue. They are usually extremely ambitious and money is very important to them except when they take up a worthy cause and then spend their whole life totally committed to it.
Sagittarius - Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the liver. Sagittarius governs the hips, thighs, sciatic nerve, coccyx, and buttocks. Herbs that cool the blood and reduce fever help the archer. Cooling herbs include red clover, dandelion, chicory, oak bark, agrimony, and burdock.
Sagittarius people are usually good looking with thinning hair and sharp eyesight. They place a lot of emphasis placed on learning and are usually successful in whatever enterprise they choose to do. You’ll find many poets and philosophers here.  Silicea helps keep away their plague of over-sensitivity and irritability.
Capricorn - Historic herbs for the goat are thyme, shepherd’s purse, slippery elm (endangered), horsetail, and comfrey. These herbs help the knees, bones, teeth, gall bladder, and skin, ruled by Saturn and the goat. (Ever notice how much goats like comfrey?)
Capricorns are usually very well informed. They can be a bit fixed in their views and somewhat stubborn. Calc Phos could aid their health tendency toward weak bones or general weakness.
Aquarius - The air sign Aquarius, the water bearer, rules calves, ankles, retina, nervous system, and arterial circulation. Aquarians favor valerian to soothe the nervous system. 
Generous and rather noble in everything they do, Aquarius people are very hard working and take pride in being honest and ethical. They can get carried away when they are committed to a cause.  You may find that many an Aquarius person gives up all in the pursuit of something noble.  Nat Mur helps keep them balanced without getting over excited.
Pisces - Pisces rules the lymph system, feet and toes. Pisces loves water plants, seaweed, and sea mosses (ex: Irish moss).

Courteous and kind, Pisces people are always willing to lend a ear to those in trouble and need a shoulder to cry on. They are usually helpful and many make good doctors. They often suffer from colds and fevers, so use Ferr Phos for prevention.

NOTES: Dr. George W. Carey came up with the theory of a person’s astrological sign corresponding to a particular biochemic salt. There are twelve months, twelve sun signs, and there are twelve biochemic salts. 

Co-incidence or reflective of the deeper synergy that runs through all of Nature?

The salts that go with each of the sun signs according to Dr. Carey' s teaching deserve a few doses each month to help maintain the balance in the body. Each person's astrological salt can be given together with the salt necessary for and other ailment.

A combination formula of all twelve cell salts, often used for general health maintenance is called Bio-Plasma.  Dr. Schuessler who developed the work on cell salts felt that the sixth preparation (6x) was the most useful. Some practitioners may use up to 30C dilutions.

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