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Friday, 15 July 2011

healing herbs

Aries - Aries is known as the ruler of the head, upper parts of the brain, sinuses, gums, and eyes.  Mars rules Aries and is associated with high fever and blood impurities.  Fiery herbs are for Aires and these include honeysuckle, garlic, blessed thistle, cayenne, gentian, nettle, and hops.

Taurus - Taurus rules the neck, throat, palate, larynx, tonsils, lower jaw, vocal cords, lower brain, vertebrae in the neck, and jugular vein.  Herbs for Taurus include sage, bearberry, goldenrod, coltsfoot, plantain, and thyme.
Gemini - Gemini rules your hands, shoulders, lungs, thymus gland, and arms.  Herbs for Gemini are lavender, skullcap, flaxseed, and parsley.

Moon Child (Cancer) - Cancer rules the stomach, upper lobes of the liver, breasts and mammary glands, pancreas, and esophagus.  Herbs to help with the related gastrointestinal problems often associated with Cancer are chickweed and honeysuckle.

Leo - The dorsal spine, spinal cord, heart, aorta are ruled by the lion.  Walnut, calendula, eyebright, and Saint John’s Wort have long been attributed to Leo. 

Virgo - Virgo rules all the lower lobes of the liver, spleen, large and small intestine, and abdominal region.  It is interesting to consider that statistics show about 75 percent of the corporate world suffer with constipation.  Maybe it’s the perfectionist in Virgo that keeps this segment of the population uptight.  Herbs for Virgo include endive, fennel, licorice root, and skullcap.

Libra - Libra rules the skin, small of the back, and the kidneys.  Libra likes cleansing and toning herbs like angelica, thyme, burdock, and bearberry (uva-ursi).

Scorpio - The scorpion rules the prostate, urethra, rectum, bladder, reproductive organs, and bones in the nasal region.  Good herbs for this sign include horseradish, horehound, leek, and sarsaparilla.

Sagittarius - Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the liver.  Sagittarius governs the hips, thighs, sciatic nerve, coccyx, and buttocks.  Herbs that cool the blood and reduce fever help this archer.  Cooling herbs include red clover, dandelion, chicory, oak bark, agrimony, and burdock.

Capricorn - Historic herbs for the goat are thyme, shepherd’s purse, slippery elm (endangered), horsetail, and comfrey.  These herbs help the knees, bones, teeth, gall bladder, and skin, ruled by Saturn and the goat.  (Ever notice how much goats like comfrey?)

Aquarius - The air sign Aquarius, the water bearer, rules calves, ankles, retina, nervous system, and arterial circulation.  Aquarians enjoy valerian root to soothe the nervous system
Pisces - Pisces rules the lymph system, feet and toes.  Pisces loves water plants, seaweed, and sea mosses (ex: Irish moss). 

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