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Friday, 1 July 2011


Health & Family

The HEALTH & FAMILY area is located East corner of your home and/or business. In the individual rooms it is located in the left middle section of the Bagua. This area represents new beginnings; health issues (be they physical and/or mental); family; and friends, who are like family members.

Enhancing Colors:
Blues, & Greens

  • Element: "Wood"
  • Based King Wen (Later Heaven)
  • Nature: "Thunder"
  • Personality: "Arousing"
  • Season: "Spring"
  • Family: "Eldest Son"
  • Meaning: "Excitation, revolution, division"
  • Number: "3"

Enhancing Tips:

  • Hang pictures of your family and friends. Make sure that if 3 people are in the photos they are not all sitting side-by-side, but maybe one standing behind the two sitting. Side-by-side is very bad Feng Shui.

  • Book about nutrition, herbs, and healing are excellent for the Health & corner.

  • Healthy plants.

  • Hanging or placing healing crystals are great in this corner.

  • Clear crystals - gives the room a rainbow affect, which is a healthy does of color therapy; Rose crystals - emotional health; Green crystals - physical health; Blue crystals - mental clarity; Red crystals - gives a jump start to whatever area it is place.

  • Placing blue & green items in this area helps activate the Health & Family corner.

  • Things made of wood, a nurturing wood frame.

  • Mirrors in this area can be a great cure for bad health and sudden illnesses.

  • Things that remind you of your family or a good friend.

  • This is a perfect area to put exercise equipment.

  • Inherited art or furniture and/or antiques, as they honor the heritage.

  • Objects or patterns that are rectangular or columnar.

  • Help neighbors clean their yard. It will improve and both your lives.

  • Hang or place some reminder of the fun you have in the physical world. (Tennis rackets, ski equipment, etc.)

  • Hang a picture of your favorite sports team; a cap from that team; a shirt, etc.

  • Get a pet if you do not already have one. They have stimulating life force energy. They are great companions and they love us unconditionally.

  • Move important furniture like beds, desks, and couches from under overhead beams. They can feel like knives cutting us.

  • Turn off electric blankets before falling asleep, the electricity can disrupt our system.

  • Burn incense, use essential oils, or some sort of aroma therapy. Smells, like pleasant sounds and color have a healing effect on us.

  • Buy yourself a gift that represents good health, place it in a prominent position and when you see it, visualize optimum health.

  • Wear green often; it is the color of health and healing.

  • If you see an unpleasant view from any of your windows , place a mirror on the opposite wall to send the image back outside.

  • Clear away any clutter in the back, front and side yards. Pay close attention to what is stored on the left side of your house.

  • Wear pink colors to melt away anger. Wear green to promote healthy feelings. Green also restores and soothes your soul.

  • Place items in your health area that represent long life, such as cranes, or a tortoise, or any animal or plant that lives a long time.

  • East is a very desirable direction for the kitchen.

  • The element of East is wood. So lots of wood items; potted plants, furniture, wood picture frames, figurines, carvings, etc..

  • If you are having trouble conceiving, place a dragon in this area.

  • Don't have mirrors in the bedroom. The water element of the mirror will cause ill health; as well as other water feature such as aquariums, paintings of rivers and lakes or televisions.

  • To enhance health, based on your Kua Number, sleep with your head towards your Health (Tien Yi) direction.

  • Avoid sleeping in a room where a toilet or washing machine is located upstairs.

  • Try not to sleep in a room, which opens directly to a set of stairs, a staircase, or a long hallway (did you see "The Shining"? The hallway was creepy).

  • Make sure the corner of a dresser, armoire, etc. is not point towards the bed; they are poison arrows and harmful.

  • If your bedroom has open beams, try not to sleep under them. That can cause headaches.

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