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Friday, 1 July 2011


Fame & Reputation

The FAME & REPUTATION area is located South corner of your home and/or business. In the individual rooms it is located in the rear middle section of the Bagua. Fame is not necessarily career. Let's say a person's career is a waiter, but they want to be an actor. Then the Fame corner would be enhanced by their acting abilities not their serving abilities. Enhance this area when you want more recognition; you want to establish a good reputation; or you would like to be well known for something you do. Think about what you want to be known for and what you can put here to symbolize it. Make sure that is who YOU want to be, not who others want you to be.

Enhancing Colors:

  • Element: "Fire"
  • Based King Wen (Later Heaven)
  • Nature: "Fire"
  • Personality: "Clinging"
  • Season: "Summer"
  • Family: "Middle Daughter"
  • Meaning: "Rapid movement, radiance, the Sun"
  • Number: "9"

Enhancing Tips:

  • The color red is particularly effective in activating the fame and reputation factor. Everyday objects with red as their dominant color can also be displayed in the south corner or rear middle corner. These include soft furnishings such as upholstery, lampshades, drapes, bedspreads, rugs and carpets.

  • You can also use objects of the fire element to energize the fame (south) corner of your home. A fireplace is an exceptionally good way to do this. Other objects are candles, incense and the like.

  • Hang a painting with red as the dominant color or a photograph frame made of wood in this corner. They would be excellent supplements to the fire element since wood produces fire.

  • Display Diplomas, Awards, Trophies, Letters of Recognition, Symbols of victories, etc..

  • Lots of Lighting. Use bright lights - spotlights, crystal chandeliers and twinkling lights.

  • Display something you would like to be known for. Example, if you would like to be a model then cut out a photo of a model. Then from a photo of you cut out your head and glue it on the model's photo.

  • A physical symbol of a future goal.

  • Objects or patterns that have the shape of a Pyramid, triangle, or cone.

  • Place symbols of success, charts, or visualization boards with goals displayed. Visualizing goals helps actualize them.

  • Remember to also include something that represents your humble side, also. Example, I have Letters of Recognition for my work with Domestically Violated Women. I display that. Thus my reputation says I give back to the community.

  • If you are reserved about displaying awards, letters of recognition, etc. then place them behind a picture, in a cabinet, behind a chair or couch.

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