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Monday, 4 July 2011

The correct way of suggesting the remedy is as follows.

The correct way of suggesting the remedy is as follows.

•           First Determine the overall bad and good effects of all planets in the chart.
•           Next determine the strength of all those planets.
•           Next determine what is causing the trouble. A weak but good planet or a strong but malefic planet.
•           If both of the above cases are present then choose the weak but the good planet for remedy.
•           If weak but good panet is picked for remedy, determine if that planet is capable of producing bad effects for any house.
Check the strength of that house, if the house is otherwise strong proceed, otherwise also include in your remedy the good planet for that chart to protect that house.
•           If strong but malefic planet is picked up for remedy, determine if that planet (specially the houses on which that planet lords over) is good for any house. Repeat the same check as explained above to make the affected house stronger.
•           Finally check the dasha scheme, check the relationship of the planet with the dasha lord and see if they are compatible. If not compatible then suggest a remedy for the dasha lord instead of the planet in question.

As you can see the results will really vary chart to chart. That's why no remedy works the same way for all the poople. Remedies do work, but determine the right remedy takes real skill and years of experience.   

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