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Friday, 1 July 2011

Chamatkaar ke teen paudhe

Chamatkaar ke teen paudhe
THESE three magical plants that can change our lives and fortune forever.
1) Chirchita's (
Achyranthes aspera)
uses and benefits are discussed below:
  • Sages and Rishis used to do tapasya in Forests for long period of times in the ancient ages. So, they used to protect themselves from Snake and Scorpion bytes through the root of plant called- "Chirchita". It's a wild plant. In case of a snake or scorpion (bichhu) bites someone, then you may tie its root on the area of bite. 
  • This plant also helps in removing all kinds of "Nazar Dosh". Keep it near your pillow. 
  • If you're suffering from insomnia and unable to sleep coz of tensions, then also, you should keep chirchita's root at your pillow. 
  • In case you're scared of something like, ghost, or some imaginary thing, then you must tie chirchita's root in a red thread and wear it in your neck. 
  • If the marriage is getting delayed and delayed, or engagement getting broken, or you're feeling depression, then tie this root in your right arm for one year. 
2) Goolar Tree's Root Benefits Below:
Before taking benefits from the root of Gooler plant, you have to do sidhi (abhimantrit) of this root with either of these mantras : Om Brahm Brahspataaye Namah or Om Brahaspataaye namah ( 19000 times) or Om Aing Hreeng Kleeng Chamundaye Vichche - (21,000 times). Then you will get some amazing miraculous results. 
Now here are the benefits of keeping this Gooler root with you:
  • This is an amazing solution for weak Jupiter. 
  • For those wanting to leave alcohol or any other kind of addiction, it helps a lot in strengthening their minds.
  • It strengthens married life and keep it obstacle-free.
  • Tying this root around your stomach in a yellow thread, is a great remedy for those who are suffering from frequent marriages or who are unable to conceive at all.
  • People suffering from vaastu dosh in their house, can keep this root in a copper utensil in the dosha direction. Specially, in those houses, where main entrance is from South or Western direction and the elder member of the house is not keeping good health.
  • If relationships are getting broken suddenly, then in a silver taabeez, with yellow thread tie this root and wear in your neck on a thursday.
  • For those who want to do saadhna and move ahead in spiritual life or those whose mental energies are weak, can also make use of the gooler root. Mix this root with white sandalwood, and kapoor oil, and after mixing properly, put it as a tilak on forehead and then sit on meditation or study. Then your mental power will increase a lot. 
3) Mehndi (Mehendi or Henna) uses and benefits for improving Horoscope and Vaastu are below:
  • If you feel sudden loss in money after shifting to a new house, then keep a mehendi plant or its root in your house or the worship place in your house. It will immediately give results and remove vaastu dosha.
  • If you're unable to sleep because of lots of tensions and fears  then keep Mehendi flowers near your pillow while sleeping.
  • Mixing Juice of mehendi leaves in milk and drinking this milk helps in strengthening Moon and thus mind is strengthened and worries and tensions go away.
  • For those suffering from high blood pressure, must apply mehendi lep on their soles. (bottom of feet)
Precautions of using these plants:
  • Don't make use of these plants without any dire need. Make sure, you're actually suffering from the problems mentioned above. These are very powerful remedies and you must do them sincerely and honestly.

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