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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Banda is one such plant.

Tantra Shastra: A magical plant that can solve all your problems
Many plants are used in Tantra Shastra.
Banda is one such plant.

Banda grows on other trees and it gains nutrition from that tree. Usage of banda in different tantra kriyas depends upon the tree on which it grows.

1. Banda on ber: Follow proper rituals while removing the banda from the ber tree. Then bathe the banda and worship it. Tie it in red cloth and wear it. All your wishes will come true.

2. Banda on bargad: Tying this banda on your arm will bring success and it even protects you.

3. Banda on harsingar: This is a very rare banda. Tie this banda in a red cloth and keep it in your vault. It will ensure that your vault is never empty.

4. Banda on anar: Worship this banda and keep it in the house. It will ward off any kind of negativity or ghosts.

5. Banda on amla: Tie this band on your arm and stay away from fear of thieves, dacoits or wild animals.

6. Banda on neem: Make you enemy touch neem banda. It will ensure that your enemy's suffering begins.

7. Banda on mango tree: Tie this banda on your arm and become invincible.

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