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Monday, 27 June 2011

उपाय upay

Remedy for Brihaspati (Jupiter)

Propitiating Jupiter -

Donation and charity -
01. Robes.
02. Sugar, banana, yellow clothes, yellow sapphire, salt, foods, sweets, turmeric, yellow flowers etc.
03. Gemstones related to Jupiter.

Best to give -
- To Brahmins, teachers, priests.
- On Thursday morning.

Fasting -
01. On Thursdays.

Feeding -
01. Beggars, crows, birds with banana, yellow coloured sweets.
02. Brahmins (Or poor people) with curd and rice.

Others -
01. Watering a peepul / pipal ("Ashwatha") tree every day except Sundays or on only Thursdays.
02. Service to teachers, Gurus, priests etc.
03. Avoid eating banana and even keeping in home esp. bedroom. Because this strengthens Jupiter.

Remedy for Shukra (Venus)

Propitiating Venus -

Donation and charity -
01. Horse (Preferably white coloured.)
02. Colourful clothes, silk clothes, clarified butter (ghee), perfume, sugar, cooking oil, camphor, scented body / hair oil, sandal etc.
03. Gemstones related to Venus.

Best to give -
- To a young woman.
- On Friday evening.

Fasting -
01. On Fridays.

Feeding -
01. Crows or beggars with sweet rice made in milk burfy or 'rasgolla' etc.
02. Brahmins (Or poor people) with rice with ghee (Clarified butter).
03. Cows with part of own meal.

Avoid -
01. Perfumes, perfumed oils, ghee etc.
02. Never be too choosy in your dress up.

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