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Tuesday, 28 June 2011



1. For Improving your Financialstatus Whenever you   count

 the money don't put mouth's silava on it.Always 

remember this thing that don't groom the floor in the 

evening.Give Money to eunuch(hijra) persons and get 

some money back from them if possible on 

Wednesday.Don't lend the money to anyone on 


2. For Lack Of Money 

Do not keep salt in open jar.

Watering the 'Peepal' tree every day.

Oiling each and every door of the house, so that there

 is no sound coming from the doors.

Always give first 'Chappati' to cow and the last one to 

dog for improving your financial status.

Offer something always to peternal aunt and sister 

when she comes to your home.

While cleaning the floor of your.

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