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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


  • In the beginning, there was shunya and in the shunya there was a sound – OM.
~ From shunya was created Aakash tathwa (Ether) – infinite dimension.
~ From Aakash tatwa was created Vaayu tathwa.
~ From Vaayu tathwa was created Agni tathwa.
~ From Agni tathwa was created Jal tathwa.
~ From Jal tathwa was created Prithvi tatwa.
(you can trace back the path now from Pritvi to Shunya)

Significance of the Shiva Panchakshara
Na - Prithvi – Mooladhara – Sadhu mangalam
Ma - Jal - Swadishtan – Upadhaya mangalam
Shi - Agni - Manipura – Achrya mangalam
Va - Vaayu - Anahata – Siddha mangalam
Ya - Aakash - Vishudhi – Arihanta mangalam
After Vishuddhi it is OM.
  • All that produces electricity acts as a magnet.  Static electricity causes depression, chaos, mental problems (computers, transformers, etc)
  • Alternating current (cellphones, batteries, etc) influences organs.
  • All things in nature are symmetrical (geometrical).  Healthy bodies are in ratio.  This is called the Golden ratio.  Aligning with the golden ration is aligning with nature.  Ancient temples and pyramids are made with it.
  • Ancient architecture use all five elements which help in the Golden ratio.  All five elements have certain geometrical shape.
    • Prithvi is associated with square (solid, earth)
    • Jal is associated with circle (ripples, bloating)
    • Agni is associated with triangle (fire)
    • Vaayu is associated with spiral (whirling)
    • Aakash is associated with infinity.
The mahameru is made of Golden ratio.
When such yantras are used no static, radiation, A/C, infrared, vibrations, etc can effect.

Guru – Jupiter
Wife – Saturn
Servants – Rahu/Ketu
Business/partner - Budh
Mother – Moon
Father – Sun

All the above doshas can be corrected by unconditional love.

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