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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Remedies of Moon

Remedies of Moon
1.The Fast of Poornima,Jaap of Chandra Mantra"Aum Shram,Shreem,Shrom,Saha chandramase Namha.
2.For the Taurus and Cencer sign Daily reading of "Bhagawati Gauri,or "Paralamba-lalita" stotra.
3.In the Arise or Scorpio sign "DurgaSaptasti""kaalee" or make Pooja for Chamunda.
4.For the great feeling and removing Papa of last life,make Pooja of South facing Shiva,and read Shiv Mantra-"Aum namha Shivaye".
5.For health and fear of death,Jaap of "Maha Mrutyaanja".
6.Weak Moon give troubles of Calcium in body,use medicines of Calcium.
7.After Pooja of Mata Durga,make reading Durga Sahastra Naamaavali,make pooja of Bhagawati by 100 white flowers.
8.If Moon with Ketu,then make Pooja patha of "Ganeshji"
9.Durga-Saptsati,is the best for the removing faults of Moon.
10.Removing Balarist-Troubles of Child's health,use Silver-Make Moon.
11.If you want money through Moon,and there are trubles by the moon in the life in money fields,use Pearl in Silver Moon.
12.Fast of Monday,5,11,or 43.
13.Pooja Patha of Shiva and make jourey to "Amarnath".
14.Journey to "Dwadas-Jyotirlinga"
15.Donations of Rice,Silver,Milk.on every Monday or poornamaasi.
16.Wear True Pearl,or Silver ornaments.
17.Milk in the white pot fix on head side of bed and in morning flow that milk in Keekar or Mango tree.
18.Make respect to Mother,Mother-in-laws,and old women.
19.Fix silver nails in the bottom of bed's feet.
20.Ashmaani Barf (Oley) fill in bottle and fix in the living room.Gangajala also can use.
21.Bath with the water of Shamsaan,or fix water in the room from there,Silver,Rice,or milk donet in Shamshaan.
22.Make bath in every Poornmaasi in River.
23.Not make round tank of water on roof,can make squire.
24.Clean water tank every week time,stores of water in house,by the outlets clean every day.
25.No water tape in front of stairs.
26.No Hand pump in the roof.
27.If Moon having high degree in chart,then not make the donations of things related to Moon.
28.If there are Moon in Low degree in chart,then not take the donations of Moon,or not take any donations from people.
29.If there are makar lagana,7th lord Moon in 6th,or in 8th,or in 12th,or affected by bad stars,there are chances to troubles in the marriage life,when marriage will be start,take two pearls,or two peace of silver,or two mutthi rice,flow one in running water and one fix with full life.
30.make bath everyday by mixing silver,Seep,Sankh,Kamal,and Panchgavya.
31.Prepare a five metals Shivlinga,and make Pooja Patha of that everday.
32.Make full fast of Monday in Month "Shravana".
33.Make Darshan daily to Shivmandir.
34.Read Shivchaalisaa daily.
35.Make Pooja of Panch-Mukhee rudraksha.
36.Make Pooja of "Dakshinavarati" sankha.
37.Make mantra Jaap of "Aum Namha Shivaaye".
38.Drop three white flowers in wel or in running water.
39.Drink water in Silver pot.
40.Don't drink milk after Sun set.
41.Fill milk every monday in the root of Babool.
42.If there are any troubles related to child,means there are fear of Mother,mother in law,and other ladies.then require Jaap of Chandra Manta"-Aum Shram Shreem Shrom Saha chandramase Namha" 11000 Jaap.
43.make Shiv-Pooja for the troubles in genrations.
44.Shree Yantra of seven metals fix in your Pooja Room.
45.Navaratna-pandle wear in neck,in silver made.

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