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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Remedial Measures for Venus

1. Venus in 4th house may cause two marriages. To avoid this, the couple should have two marriages with themselves and observe full formalities and religious customs etc
2. For the health of the women who have been married twice by the same person the things relating to Mars and the relations shall be helpful.
3. Venus in 4th house may make the native amorous and of bad character in respect of women. In such cases the maternal uncles will suffer most. They may have no child or they may suffer otherwise also. In such a case the remedies of Moon will be useful. Otherwise the articles of Jupiter should be dropped in the well.
4. When Venus is in 5th house and the Moon gives bad results remedies, of Moon will be helpful. Service of cow and mother will help prosperity. For keeping better health. Private parts should be washed with milk.
5. The native, male or female, who has Venus in the 6th house should not marry the person who has no brother and sister.
6. (i) Venus with any planet, except Mars and Jupiter, in 6th house and 2nd house unoccupied is not a good omen. Keeping solid silver in the house will be auspicious.
(ii) Wife of the native should not remain barefooted. She should wear socks so that the soles of her feet do not touch the ground.
(iii) Wife of the native should have gold in her neck. This will help in prosperity. Private parts should be washed with curd.
(iv) At the time of marriage of the native, whether male or female, father should give two pieces of gold (pure). It shall be auspicious.
7. Venus in 7th house and Rahu in 8th house will give bad effects. Lady should not wear black or blue colours.
8. When Venus is in 9th house pilgrimage to religious places would be helpful.
9. To improve finances, make a hole in the tree of neem, place a square silver piece in the hole and cover it with the wood of the neem tree.
10. Keep in the house silver along with honey.
11. On Raksha Bandhan, give to the sister red bangles which have silver or silvery things studded over them. This is specially advised when Saturn transits lagna or when construction of house is undertaken.
12. Venus in 10th house sometimes gives bad results in respect of the birth of the child or the wife becoming very lustful. She should wash her private parts with curd.
13. For ill health, giving a cow in charity will he helpful. This will save the sick from avoidable sufferings. Either he/she will recover or die peacefully.
14. Venus in 12th house may have ill effects on the health etc. of wife. Charity by wife or in her name would be helpful provided she is not a non-believer in God.
15. The lady should bury blue flower in the evening (between sun-set and night) in an uninhabited place.

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