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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Planetary Indications

Planetary Indications

1. Lord of Week-Day etc. The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn rule theweek-days etc. Whichever planet becomes the Lord of the first week-day in the month of Aswina in the year of Aswina, will become the Lord of month and year.
2-3. The fourth planet counted from the Lord of the first year rules the second year. Similar
counting of fourth Lords for the subsequent years should be made to know the Lords thereof.
There are 24 Horas (planetary hours) in each day (from one Sun-rise to the next). The first
Hora is ruled by the Lord of the week day, while the subsequent ones are ruled by the Lords
of the sixth week-days thereof. Thirty (Savana) days make one (Savana) month. To know the
Lord of the week-day in particular month, the months past should be multiplied by 30,
increased by one and divided by 7. The remainder represents the Lord of the week-day
counted from the earlier week-day Lord.
4. A Savana month has 30 days and each month, viz. Chaitra, Visakha etc., commences with the
first day of Bright half and ends with the 30th Tithi (Amavasya).
5-6. Bhava Effects. The good effects relating to a Bhava can be better reaped, if an enterprise
relating to that Bhava is started in an Ascendant ruled by the Lord of that Bhava, or, when the
Lord thereof is in an Upachaya House, or on the week-day, Hora, year, or month ruled by that
Bhava Lord. The good effects will be 25% by year Lord, 50% by month Lord, 75% by Lord of
week and 100% by Hora Lord.
7-13. Planets Rulerships. The Sun rules snakes, wool, hills, gold, weapons, poison, fire,
medicines, kings, Aryas (foreigners in general), river banks, forest, wood and Mantras. The
Moon indicates poets, flowers, eatables, beads, silver, conch, salt, water, arrow, robes,
ornaments, females, Ghi, sesamum, oil and sleep. Mars rules blood, copper, Army, red cloth.
Mercury minerals, earth, king, destruction, swooning, bile and thieves. Mercury rules Veda,
writing, sculpture, medicines, expertise, ministership, speech, jokes, birds, couples, fame,
Vanaspathi (a large forest tree, which bears fruit apparently without any blossoms) and gold.
Jupiter rules auspiciousness, virtue, physical stoutness, prowess, preceptorship, deputation,
city, state (province), gold, bed, conveyance, position, grains, residence and sons. Venus
rules diamonds, ornaments, marriage, scents, friends, wreaths, females, cow dung, diagnosis
(apart from meaning diagnosis also indicates end, purity, rope to tying up a calf etc.),
education, sexual enjoyment and gold. Saturn is Karaka for lead, zinc, black metals, inferior
grains, dead relatives, fools, servants, mean women, saleable goods, poor people and selfrestraint
(apart from meaning self-restraint also means investing with sacred thread, which is
in vogue to give second birth to Brahmins).
14-15. Planetary Places. The Sun rules Kalinga (a Coromandel district), the Moon Yavana
(Greek, Mohamedan, or European countries), Venus plain river banks, Jupiter Sindhu
(Indus), Mercury Magadha (southern part of Bihar), Saturn Saurashtra (Gujarat), Mars Ujjain
and the nodes Dravida country (five tribes: Dravida, Karnataka, Gurjara, Maharashtra and

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