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Monday, 27 June 2011

Husband Wife Problems

Husband Wife Problems

It's important to first of all, understand what are the planets that create marital problems according to Jyotish. The problem creators are Sun, Rahu, Saturn and Mars generally. These planets define our married lives. Sometimes, the problems are caused by Sun , sometimes by some other planet. But here are some general remedies to get rid of marital problems and establish love, understanding and peaceful atmosphere at home:
  • Keep a "Tulsi" Plant at home for sure!!!! If the plant gets dried quickly, then plant it again and again till it gets green. 
  • Those women, who have lots of fights at home, must chant Gayatri Mantra using Tulsi Mala daily. 
  • Donate some jaggery (gur) to flowing water every sunday. Make it habit. This remedy will not just improve your married life but also, bring you name and fame. 
Remedies from problems created by Mars:
  • Set up a tap, tank or any drinking water arrangment at your in-laws place after getting married.  
  • Wear silver ring in your middle (tarjani) finger. 
  • Never keep, dried flowers or birds or alcohol or non-veg items ever at home. 
  • To your sister or buaji, gift red colored clothes. 
Remedies from problems created by Saturn or Rahu:
  • Don’t wear or keep torn clothes and shoes at home
  • Make an "atta" of these 7 different pulses and grains: Gehu, makka, jaun, bajra, ricel, urad (black) daal, and masoor daal (all in equal quantities) and offer it to ants daily.
  • Husband and wife should sometimes give each other silver coin and rice. Keep this with you always. 
  • Donate the first roti or a piece of meal cooked at home, to the sacred cow daily.
  • If some plants start growing within the walls of your house, then such  problems can arise that would disturb the peace of your home. Make sure this is not happening in your house.

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