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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

gem Cosmic Colour

Here we give the Cosmic Colour and the Gem corresponding to the Nine revolving heavens.

Cosmic Colour                                                            Planet                                                             Gemstone   
Red  Sun          Ruby
Orange Moon       Pearl
Light Blue   Jupiter                                       Yellow Sapphire
Ultra-Violet    Rahu     Hessonite
Green                Mercury       Emerald
Indigo           Venus          Diamond
Infra-red                 Ketu          Cat's Eye
Violet    Saturn              Blue Sapphire
Yellow               Mars      Coral

By using the amazing power for Vedic Gemology, you can overcome  the barriers to success. Wearing Yellow  Sapphire  increases  Jupiterian significations like Fortune, Wealth  and  good will.  Using Coral  can  increase  Fortitude,  one of the Maritan qualities and increase  Administrative ability even without earning an MBA Operations Management degree or studying  RN to BSN online ."    will be  enhanced by wearing  Coral.  Wearing   Diamond   can    enhance the Venusian significations.  By  using the  correct  Gemstone,  your  fortune  will  be      enhanced considerably.

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