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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Lal Kitab remedies for Planets or Graha
Lal kitab Remedies of Sun in 1st House
(1) If the Sun's effects are unfavorable, then get married sooner.
(2) Get a water tap constructed in your house.
(3) Don't indulge in any kind of intimate act with your wife during the day time.
(4) At the rear right end of your house, get a dark room constructed.
(5) Do not eat Jaggery.
(6) Keep your character clean and free from any controversy.
(7) Help the common people.
(8) Wear Ruby or in its absence you can also wear copper.
(9) Feed Jaggery to the Monkey.
(10) Hammer a Copper nail in the legs of your bed.
(11) Do not accumulate wealth without your own hard work.
Lal kitab Remedies of Moon in 1st House
(1) Keep a red handkerchief with you.
(2) Hammer some copper nails in the legs of your bed.
(3) Give water to the roots of the banyan tree.
(4) If you are traveling with your son then throw copper coins in the river.
(5) If there is a well in your house, then do not construct a shade above it.
(6) Do not get married between the age of 24 and 27. Also, do not get a house constructed with your own money.
(7) Beware of green color and stay away from your sister-in-law.
(8) Do not keep any silver utensil with a tap in your house.
(9) Do not keep any silver plates in your house.
(10) Use silver utensil to drink milk or water.
(11) Do not use glassware.
(12) Take blessings from your mother and keep rice and silver donated by her always with you.
Lal kitab Remedies of Mars in 1st House
(1) You should not accept anything for free (Mars being unfavorable).
(2) You should avoid getting involved in bad things and should avoid speaking lie. (Mars being unfavorable)
(3) You should not stay in the company of saints, monks or Ojhas.
(4) You should avoid getting involved in the exchange of ivory related products. (Mars being unfavorable)
(5) You should get involved in business of articles related to Mars.
(6) You sould recite the Maha Gayatri mantra regularly and should apply sindoor tilak on lord Hanuman.
(7) You will benefit if you wear Coral (red). If you cannot procure Coral then you can also wear copper.
(8) You should take good care of your brothers.
(9) Wearing pure silver will prove beneficial.
(10) Doing business of Anise (saunf) seeds will prove beneficial.
Lal kitab Remedies of Mercury in 1st House
(1) You should stay away from green color and your sister-in-law.
(2) You should not consume non-vegetarian food, alcohol, eggs etc.
(3) If you would sit and do business from one location, it will prove very useful to you.
(4) You should not do fishing.
(5) Taking blessings from unmarried girls, reciting Durga Saptmi and visiting religious places related to Goddess Durga will prove very beneficial for you.
(6) You should not keep bad electronic goods in your house.
(7) Wearing Emerald will be beneficial for you.
Lal kitab Remedies of Jupiter in 1st House
(1) Donate clothes to saints & monks and also arrange to feed them meals.
(2) Donate articles related to Mercury, Venus and Saturn at religious places.
(3) 3. Take good care of the untouchables and cow.
(4) If Saturn is situated in the 5th house, then do not get any house constructed.
(5) If Saturn is situated in the 9th house, then do not buy any machinery related to Saturn.
(6) If Saturn is situated in the 11th or 12th house, then do not consume alcohol nor eat eggs.
(7) To nullify the malefic effects of Mercury, wear silver ornament in the nose.
(8) Keep faith in your destiny and do not take any donations nor help from anyone.
(9) Respect women.
(10) Wear pure gold.
(11) Apply Saffron tilak on your navel.
(12) Get the walls of your house painted in Yellow.
Lal kitab Remedies of Venus in 1st House
(1) Do not eat Jaggery.
(2) Do not indulge in sexual intercourse during the day time.
(3) Take care of a black cow.
(4) Keep your character clean.
(5) Take bath with curd.
(6) Do not get married before you turn 25.
(7) Take advice from others before doing any work.
(8) Drinking cow's urine will prove to be beneficial.
(9) Take pure silver from your in-laws.
(10) Donate mustard and Jo.
(11) If your wife wears gold on her head, it might prove favorable.
(12) Keep faith in god.
(13) Keep your character clean.
(14) Fast on Friday.
(15) Repect your guests.
(16) Wear diamond and in absence of it you can wear pearl.
Lal kitab Remedies of Saturn in 1st House
(1) You should not eat non-vegetarian food nor consume alcohol.
(2) For the success of your business or your service, bury some black salt or black antimony in the ground.
(3) Keep a monkey for money and property.
(4) For the improvement of your health, give milk to the roots of the Banyan tree and apply tilak of wet mud on your forehead.
(5) Donate a frying pan or stove to a sadhu.
(6) You should not speak lie, and should not look at things of others with bad intentions.
(7) Getting a dark room constructed towards the left side of your house will prove favorable.
(8) When these people are born, there should not be any drums etc. played.
(9) Praying to God Bharoon and donating alcohol in God Bharoon's temple will prove beneficial.
(10) Keeping a black Buffalo or feeding milk to the snake will also be beneficial.
(11) Looking at Rahu's position in your Kundali, you should wear Neelam. If Neelam is out of your reach, then wear a ring made out of the nail of a boat or out of a black horse's shoe.
(12) If Saturn is exalted in your Kundali, then do not donate things related to Saturn.
Lal kitab Remedies of Ketu in 1st House
(1) If Ketu's unfavorable effect is visible on your maternal uncle, then feed jaggery to the monkey.
(2) Perform remedies of Mercury.
(3) If your children are in pain or difficulty, then donate a black & white colored blanket in a temple.
(4) Wear silver in both your feet's thumbs.
(5) If you fall sick everyday, then apply Saffron (kesar) tilak on your forehead.
(6) In your Kundali, Sun is in the 6th or 7th house. Do not donate jaggery, wheat or copper during the morning and evening.
(7) Keep a black & white dog. It will bring luck to you.
(8) You should not live in the last house on the street or lane.
(9) Always keep a red handkerchief with you.
(10) Do not keep goat in your house.
(11) Praying to Lord Ganesha and keeping fast during Ganesha Chaturthi will be very beneficial to you.
(12) Make sure to take 2 beds and 1 gold ring in dowry.
(13) Donating Kapila cow will be beneficial for you.
(14) Wearing dual colored stone will also be bene
ficial for you.

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