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Tuesday, 28 June 2011



Bear, blackBad days has been arrived
Bear, whiteGood luck
Black animal, except elephantBe alert you may get life problem
Black cobraHonor from govt. Or miscarriage (in case of pregnant lady)
Caged birdPeace in life
CamelInjury in limb
CatSign of fighting in life
DogMeeting of a new and very good friend
ElephantSuccess and gain
Fall from any animalProblem and worries
Fish poundGain due to some opposite sex
GoatPleasing journey
Horse ridingSuccess in life
LionDeath of some enemy
LizardSudden gain in finance or money
MonkeysHealth ailment which can convert in to chronic illness
PeacockHappy news
Pigeon seeingGood news
RabbitGain of love of opposite sex
ScorpioWorries in life
Seeing an owlHealth problem and sorrow
Sleeping animalProblem are near to you but you may not get affected
SnakePeace in life, but not good for pregnant lady
Speaking crowBad news
White animalGain in business
White snakeGain in life but not good for pregnant lady

Bones and skeletonHidden treasure waiting for you
Burned aliveGood news and gain in near future
Burring a coffinGood gain and healthy time
CoffinMoney gain and promotion
Crimination placeFame and gain in honor
Dancing of dead bodyBe alert you may get life problem
DarknessYou are going to get problem.
Dead bodyGood health and good time ahead
Dead man sayingHis or her saying will come true
DrowningStruggle time, and you will face it strongly
Eating with deadBad days are over
Ghost seeingIncrease in luck
Ill personUnhealthy period is over
Killing of some oneSudden problem
Laughing dead bodyBig problem has arrived
MiscarriageSerious illness
Mourning peoplesJoy in life and a lot of gain
MurderProblem is coming
Prayer for dead personBig problem related to health
Prayer for departed relativeAncestors are blessing you
Seeing an ancestorGood result of past deeds is near

Birthday celebrationLoss in age
Catching fire by handWaste of money
Holding lady's waistYou may get caught in wrongful act
Construction of buldg.Wealth gain
Dancing of massNice time is coming
Drum beatingMeeting with some important person
EclipseDisease in life
EnemyGood time has been arrived
Engagement celebrationLate marriage
Fail in examGood gain and success
Fall of wallLoss in wealth or money loss
FestivalBad news
Fighting peoplesJoy in life
FireSome gland problem, but success in work
Firing of bulletSolution of problem
GamblingLoss in wealth or money loss
Guest in homeSudden problem is coming
Peoples in marriage partyLots of problem are on its way
Pick pocketLoss in wealth or money loss
RainingGood dream, prosperity is in its way
Seeing an operationIt is sign of health problem
Seeing off some oneIncrease in money
Seeing upside downInsult and shock
SneezeBlocking in work
Some one slap youGain in life and all pain will go away soon
Threatened by some oneVictory on enemies
Turmoil or seismicWorries from children
WarSign of success
Holy day, X'Mas etcCosmic shield for you, malefic impact of past dream over
Marriage of some known oneLots of problem are on its way
Wedding or brides carSome problem is surrounding you for long time

Breast feedingMega gain from some relative
FloodLoss in wealth
Hill or mountainGain in service
OceanGain from hidden treasure
RiverPeace in rest of life
SandGain in money and business
SeaGain through hidden mean
Snow fallGetting more income
Some starsGood time is very near
Stars and sunLove with some learned person
Stone or boulderProblem for longer time is close to you
Storm, airProblem is very close
Storm, fireGood gain in life is approaching you
Storm, waterMoney as well as health problem
Sunny dayVery good gain in service
Water fallAll pains in life are reducing
Water, still waterHonor and praise

Cutting a treeIncrease in problems
Cutting rootsProblem is very close
Eating green fruitHealth gain
Eating riceGood news
Eating sweet thingHonor and promotion
Eating terminiBirth of male child
Fruit full treeGain in life
Garden with flowersGood days and gain
Lotus or holy flowerMoney gain
Mango tree (without fruit)Joy from children
Root of plant or treeLong life
Root vegetable (potato etc.)Problem is ahead
RoseFulfilling of desire
Termini treeGood health
Water malonMoney gain but problem in life also coming

Beautiful girlGain in income and good luck is coming
Beautiful ladyJoy in love life
BeggarCompelled journey
Big fat manHealth gain
Doctor, coming to youHealth problem is coming up
Doctor, medicating youGain in health and total recovery
Doctor, standingHealth problem in 2 months
GardnerHappy news
GiantProblem is over
Girl kiss youLoss due to foolish act
Infant childHarmony in family
Keep (lady, who is keep)Problem to children
Kid kiss youA chain of gains are going to start
King or rulerGain in service
Leprosy patientSign of bad health
Little girl kiss youBig gain and blessing of time has arrived in life
MagicianBad sign, problem due to planets
Male and unmarried relativeHealth problem, loss to parents
Mating coupleJoy in married life
Mating with relativeBreathing problem to mother
Old ladyHealth problem for long time
Old lady (without hairs)You may receive bad time
Old widowStressful time in life
PostmanGood news from distant place
RoughLoss in wealth or money loss
SisterIncrease in luck
TailorWork will end in mess
TeacherSuccess in work
Watch manSign of money gain
Young widowHidden relations in making

AnchorIncrease in wealth
Arms and ammunitionAll problems are going away
AshGain and success in life
Bed sheetDefame
BicycleGain in life
Black cap or black hatProgress in service is near but health problem too
Black spectaclesSorrow
Bow (arc)Successful journey
BroomLoss in wealth or money loss
Bucket or storing vesselGain in business and trade
Cap or hatProgress in life is near
Carpet, blackEvil problem in home
Carpet, greenGain in family business, but you will kept away
Carpet, redInjury to some family member
CoalSome good news will come
Coming shipGood time is very near
Copper coin in soilProblems are near,
EmbroiderySuccess in love and romance
EngineLoss in plan or failure in plan
FlagGood fame and gain in wealth
Fly over or bridgeGood gain in journey is near
Flying aeroplaneGood luck
FountainSorrows are going away
Green scarfDepressing time
Hidden treasurePast life gain time is with you
High buildingChange in job with good gain
HouseFame and gain in honor
HutSecurity and favor from seniors
IceMeeting with beloved one
Kite seeingIncrease in problems
Ladies hat or covering clothGood luck and gain
Locked lockProblem in service
Many starsFulfilling of deep desire
MarketBad days are over
MirrorIllness finished
Open lockGain in dealing but if in service then transfer of work
Opened doorNew area of work
Opening of locked lockProblems are going away
Pocket or purseVictory
Practicing swordVictory on enemies
PrintingInsult and dint in honor
PrisonHonor and promotion
RifleProblem is coming to you
Scissors cuttingHot exchange
ShadowBe alert you may get life problem
ShipGood time
Ship going awayGood time gone
Shivering in cold or fearDawn in life is near
Shop, emptyGood gain in life and new venture is also ahead
Shop, fill with articlesGood gain in life is approaching you
Shower bathingEducational gain to father
Silver jewelrySeparation in some relation
Sitting in a boatFalse allegation on you, is near
Skirt or lower garmentDomestic joy
Smoke without fireBlockage in work
Square type poolBreathing trouble
Standing aeroplaneGood luck will be there after 6 month
TentNew work
Textile spoolFinancial gain
ToyPeace and harmony
Triangle or trinityBig success
UmbrellaWorries are going away
Vehicle, black colorBad news is coming to you
Vehicle, light colorGood journey
Washing machineSuccess in work
Watch or clockTravelling
White scarf or capPeace in life
WrestlerHealth gain and brother will help you

Backing foodGood news is coming
Bathing in pool or riverPilgrim and prosperity in life
Bathing in roaring riverBig gain
BettingBig loss
Card playingGain in business and trade
CombingFulfilling of desire
Doing telephoneGood news
Drinking milkJoy time in life
Fall from bridgeIllness is in its way
Fall in riverWorries in life
Falling from skyDint in honor and health problem
Fearing from a personNo problem will reach you for 3 months
Going to up hillGain and promotion is very close to you.
Hitting on butt of a personBy courage you are going to win
HuntingFamily problem
InjuredFreedom from problem
Knife injuryDispute in family
Loosing jobGain in service
MeditationGain in self realization or philosophy
Pass in examNegative result
Picking of copper coinHealth problem in 2 weeks
Picking of wooden thingHot exchange without reason
Playing with bow and arrowHappiness in life
Purchasing ticketSeparation in some relation
Running after a fat girlDownfall is ahead
Running from fearGood time has been arrived and gain is there
Seeing a money bagProperly rewarded labor and gain
Seeing a rainbowChange in life
Seeing a thiefMoney gain
Seeing self in mirrorNice time ahead
Seeing the skyGain and promotion is very close to you.
Self deathAge gain, and you will escape from trouble
Self dyingLuck has opened its door
Self hungryGain in journey
Self injuryHealth gain
Self sleepingHealth problem to elder daughter
Self suicideLong age
Self weepingJoy has reached to you
Shaving headHappy married life
Slapping to some oneHot exchange in home
SpittingProblem is very close
Standing in roofResting time ahead
Suffering from feverHealth gain
Swept with waterGood success in work and new work is also near
SwimmingGain in longevity
Taking bribeInsult and dint in honor
Taking medicineHealth gain and complete cure
Taking poisonIncrease in problems
ThirstyHealth problem and blockage in work
ToiletPain in life may increase
Touching some lady's breastsSecurity from evil power
Trapped in sand or mudPain and loss of money
Wearing of ringMoney gain

Ancient godLot of blessing of cosmos, world wide fame or satisfaction
God and goddessJoy in life
Holy fireGain, peace and harmony in life
Holy thingDesire is going to be fulfilled
LordSpiritual as well as gain in honor
Mystic designWorries and failure
Paying to some priestHoly work and deed
Religious deedsGain in wealth
Religious placeAll around gain
Saint or peerGain in life
Temple or religious placeDesire is going to be fulfilled
Alert watchmanTheft in home or loss of money
CastlePromotion and gain
ClappingJoy in life
Closed doorLot of hard work required for success
Cloth shopBad news
Covering of faceNew work or business
Cow's wasteGain through animal
Cutting of nail by metalOld health problem going away
Donating clothsMalefic impact of planets are going away
Donating houseNew era of life is coming
Donating moneyGood sign of favor, time is with you
Food making placeProsperity in wealth and income
Kicked or feet stuck on stoneIt is sign of success
Lotto number or lotteryGain in income and good luck is coming
Organ of opposite sexChild birth or conceiving in family member
PovertyProsperity and harmony
Domestic vacuum cleanerLoss in wealth or money loss

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