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Monday, 27 June 2011

donations and charitable works Remedy for

About donations and charitable works Donation and charity are sacrifices and that is why great positive karmas. This is believed that it also pacifies a harmful planet when that planet type of things are donated. Some also say that you might donate money to a poor for buying foods and medicine, but if he uses the money for bad purposes such as buying addictive drugs, then it is rather put upon your shoulder. Helping the old, poor, needy, distressed is a very good way - there can be no doubt that it leads to freedom from bad karma much or less. Donate foods, medicines, money and other materials to the poor. If you do not have money or any material to donate, then at least, say good and nice things, make the person feel better at least! It will surely not be overlooked by the God Almighty.

Remedy for Ravi (The Sun)

Propitiating Sun 

Donation and charity -
01. Cow with her calf.
02. Molasses, gold, copper, wheat etc.
03. Gemstones related to Sun.

Best to give - 
- To a middle aged man.
- On Sunday noon.

Fasting -
01. On Sundays.

Feeding -
01. Cows with Molasses and/or wheat.
02. Brahmins (Or poor people) with cream of rice cooked with jaggery (Molasses).

Others -
01. Service to own father, fatherly people.
02. Surya Namaskar at the time of sunrise.

Avoid -
01. Meal which includes molasses, wheat etc.
02. Red copper made things for own purpose.

Remedy for Chandra (The Moon)

Propitiating Moon 

Donation and charity -
01. Conch ("Shankha").
02. White clothes, silver, rice, boiled rice, milk, pure water etc.
03. Gemstones related to Moon.

Best to give -
- To a woman.
- On Monday evening.

Fasting -
01. On Mondays.

Feeding -
01. Dough to cows.
02. Boiled rice mixed with sugar to crows.
03. Rice cooked in milk to Brahmins (Or poor people).

Others -
01. Service to mother, motherly women, old women.

Avoid -
01. Drinking milk regularly.
02. Moon's colour.
03. Moon's gemstones.
04. Perfumes and deodorants etc.

Remedy for Mangal (Mars) and Kuja Dosha etc.

Propitiating Mars 

Donation and charity -
01. Bullock (Preferably red coloured.)
02. Red clothes, molasses, gold, copper, masoor daal, batasa, sweet chapati, skin of deer etc.
03. Gemstones related to Mars.

Best to give -
- On Tuesday noon.

Fasting - 
01. On Tuesdays.

Feeding -
01. Brahmins (Or poor people) with Havishya.

Others - 
01. Prayers or meditation in the morning daily for at least 10 / 15 minutes.
02. Taking care of younger siblings.
03. Exercising patience.

Avoid -
01. Engaging in martial arts, aggressive exercise etc.
02. Being hot tempered.

These remedies also work for Kuja Dosha, also called Manglik Dosha, Bhauma Dosha etc.

Remedy for Budha (Mercury)

Propitiating Mercury 

Donation and charity -
01. Gold.
02. Deep green clothes, green pumpkin, green pulses and other green vegetables and articles.
03. Bangles and clothes of green color to Eunuchs. (In the modern day, this would have to be people with low sex drives or impotent or frigid individuals.)
04. Gemstones related to Mercury.

Best to give -
- On Wednesday noon.

Fasting -
01. On Wednesdays.

Feeding -
01. Cows with green leaves.
02. Brahmins (Or poor people) with paddy cooked in milk.

Prayers -
01. Vishnu 

Others -
01. Watering a 'Tulsi' tree daily except Sundays.
02. Service or donation to orphans, poor students, orphan homes etc.
03. Helping and serving sister, daughter, parents' sisters (Aunts) and so on.

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