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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Ayurvedic Therapy

Ayurvedic Therapy
The seven planets correspond to the three humours ( Doshas ) in Ayurveda
In the Ayurvedic Model, the planets are classified thus
Jupiter  Kapha
Sun  Pitta
Moon  Vata & Kapha
Mars  Pitta
Mercury  Pitta, Vata & Kapha
Venus  Vata & Kapha
Saturn  Vata

The seven planets correspond to seven gross elements ( dhatus) thus
Jupiter  Fat
Saturn  Veins
Mars  Bone Marrow
Sun  Bones
Moon  Blood
Mercury  Skin
Venus Seminal Energy
By analysing the horoscope, the astrologer can discern the badly placed planet and the corresponding Dhatu which has caused the problem and can prescribe Ayurvedic remedial measures ( " Dushthithasyadi Dhatustho Rogeenam Roga Eeryatham " )
Ayurvedic Gem Therapy
The following stones are prescribed in Ayurveda for specific disorders
Cancer  Emerald
Allergy Hessonite  
Skin Diseases  Cat’s Eye, Lapis Lazuli  
Insomnia  Pearl  
Paralysis  Amethyst
Nervous  Blue Sapphire  
Rheumatism  Blue Sapphire, Ruby  
Arthritis  Blue Sapphire  
Impotence  Topaz Coral 
Diabetes  White Coral, Diamond, Emerald, Topaz
Liver problems  Coral  
Jaundice  Coral, Emerald, Topaz  
Hyperacidity  Hessonite  
Gastric Ulcer  Blue Sapphire
Flatulence  Jade, Lapis Lazuli  
Dyspepsia  Jade  
Dysentry  Emerald  
Colic  Cat’s Eye  
Cholera  Cat’s Eye, Topaz  
Abdominal Complaints  Emerald
Heart Troubles  Diamond, Pearl, Ruby, Lapis Lazuli  
Penumonia  Diamond  
Palpitation  Topaz  
Tuberculosis  Blue Sapphire
Chest Pain Emerald, Ruby  

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