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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

3 Keys To Making The Law Of Attraction work

1. Forget about affirmations and positive thinking. Instead, get into positive feelings. If you want to attract a new job, a new relationship, or money- simply get into the positive feelings of having that thing you want. Feelings create strong vibrational frequencies, these frequencies go through the Universe and will bring to you people, places, or events that are in vibrational harmony with you. You simply cannot attract a loving relationship when your vibrations state that the opposite sex is selfish, rude, or have any grudges toward them.
2. We all have an 'ego' which is the image we have in our minds about who we think we are. This ego, will actually keep us from getting the things we want because it holds beliefs about how the world works, what God is, and what true love is. This is where our 'core limiting beliefs' are held. In order to attract what we want we must either replace our old beliefs about who we think we are. And we can begin with the fact that we are not who we say we are. For example, if someone asks you who you are- if anything you may say your name, you may say you're a sales person, a lawyer, a mechanic, a parent whatever. But in reality, you are a spiritual being in a human body. Our egos make us believe that we are something else. Let go of old beliefs and adopt a new set of beliefs that will benefit you in attracting what you want.
3. Practice holding positive feelings through out the day as much as you can. Most people have been holding on to negative feelings and beliefs for so long that they have literally created their life according to what they believe even though it isn't a life they want. If you start holding positive feelings for at least 15 seconds a few times per day, you start generating positive vibrations. And the more you practice, those few seconds will really add up and changes in your life will start to happen!

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